• Earn your MA in Organizational Leadership in ONLY 1 additional year (saving you $8,000).

  • Learn in both the classroom and with hands-on training.

  • Eliminate the post-graduation learning curve as you learn to lead NOW, not just later.

  • Save thousands of dollars with additional scholarships provided through SAGU | LEAD.


(In ADDITION to ALL YOUR SAGU Financial Aid)

Thomas E. Wilson Scholarship (Up to $15,000/year)

OSL Achievement Scholarship ($1,500 – $7,500/year)

SAGU | LEAD: Young Entrepreneur Scholarship Application ($2,000 – $3,000/year)

SAGU | LEAD: Next Generation Leader Award Application ($2,000 – $8,000/year)

SAGU | LEAD: LEAD Scholarship Application ($1,000 – $2,400/year)

OSL: Ministry Associate Scholarship Application ($4,500 – $6,000/year)

SAGU | LEAD: Protégé Scholarship Application ($4,500 – $8,000/year)


Choose tracks structured around specialized areas of ministry, and develop your gifts to impact your world.

Spiritual Formation
Pastor John Davidson

Pastor John Davidson

The Spiritual Formation internship is an opportunity to work with the discipleship ministries of The Oaks. In this internship, a student interacts daily with the Spiritual Formation pastors and staff, as well as volunteers from a wide variety of discipleship ministries. The student interns are directly involved in hands-on discipleship, providing spiritual guidance and support for new believers, and all those taking next steps of growth through classes, water baptism and small groups. Student interns also get exposure to The Oaks teaching team meetings, and they participate in research and brainstorming for some weekend messages. Through involvement in these ministries and interaction with The Oaks pastors, students learn and implement discipleship strategies and are involved first-hand in the spiritual transformation of individuals and families.

Seven Student Ministries
Pastor Joesph Kellogg

Pastor Joesph Kellogg

The Oaks Student Ministry internship is designed to train and develop interns to become effective student pastors that will lead healthy student ministries. In this internship, the student will interact and learn in different environments from meetings, hands-on experience and a classroom setting with the Seven Student Ministries pastors and staff. The interns will be fully immersed in the trenches of student ministry from leading a small group to the production of a service, discipleship, project management, advertising, guest services and big events. If you choose to be in the student ministry internship and go through the process of training you will be fully prepared to step into any role of ministry upon graduation.


Pastor Clayton Brooks

The Oaks Worship Internship is a tight-knit group of individuals who are all committed to growing in their relationship to God, their relationship to others, and in their ability to lead other people to worship Jesus. I love getting to grow alongside these students every week we meet together. We plan music for our church services together. We sing and pray together. We listen to music, talk about music, and make music together. Students grow in this program through moments of vulnerability with or in front of each other through corporate worship, prophetic singing, songwriting, and simply sharing with one another what they are learning and how God is speaking to them. And, the most rewarding ministry moments for me by far are when I have the opportunity to sit back and watch the students lead worship in our church! If you love to worship the Lord and helping people worship the Lord with singing and creative music, you should definitely look into this internship. I’d love to meet you!

Epic Kids
Pastor Joey Alcala

Pastor Joey Alcala

The ages 4 through 14 are some of the most vital years in a person’s development. I would love to have you come be apart of Epic Kids Ministry working with the LEAD program that is helping develop the next generation. Because kids are important to God, they are important to The Oaks. You will work with my team and I to learn what it takes to run a kids ministry of over 800 a week. We focus on leadership development, and our goal is to prepare you with real world ministry experience. The Epic ministry team has over 60 years of combined ministry experience. I get calls for major churches every week looking for the next Kids pastor, who will give their lives to disciple God’s children. We offer the opportunity to work in every facet of kids ministry including production, volunteer development, curriculum, and big events. If you would like to join Epic Kids, the whole experience will be a great investment for your future! Hope to see you soon!

Missions and Community Engagement
Pastor Andy Lehmann

Pastor Andy Lehmann

Why should you consider being an intern with the Missions and Community Engagement Team at The Oaks? Let me answer that by asking you this, “How awesome do you want to be?” You will learn super-secret ninja ministry skills that can be used in a broad range of future ministry contexts in line with the question “What does it look like for a church to transform a community?” You will not only have the opportunity to lead; you will be expected to. My team and I would love to invest in you as transformation of a community starts with the transformation of our own hearts and lives. You will be exposed to a broad range of ministry…from orphan care and community outreach to missions projects around the world. If you think you’re up for the challenge, I’d love to talk more!

Pastor Christina Kee

Pastor Christina Kee

A typical Sunday at The Oaks Fellowship will include a volunteer force of 1,000+ mobilized to develop, produce and enhance the weekend’s event.  The Connections Internship gives students the ability to shape their skills in volunteer assimilation and management.  Every leader, especially every pastor, must know the ins and outs of leading volunteers.  From the initial process of attracting volunteers to the process of managing teams of volunteers and providing direction, interns in the Connections Internship are given unique, behind-the-scenes access to learn and put into practice timely principles that have been discovered and utilized at the Oaks Fellowship.

Creative Arts

Pastor Kelvin Co

It excites me to work with people handpicked by God with the passion and gifts to become a creative media leader in ministry. The creative team God assembled at The Oaks brings national level industry experience and the same excitement about pouring into future church creatives. We understand that the goal of someone who joins our team through OSL is to land a church creative media job. We have great hands-on opportunities to learn but we also know that what will ultimately get someone hired is their evident love for the Lord and the church backed up by their ability to get stuff done. We want to send out leaders who have resumes and portfolios that represent signficant abilities and accomplishments.

Meet the OSL Leadership Team

Bryan Brooks

Executive Director

Bryan Brooks is the Executive Director of the Oaks School of Leadership (OSL), as well as, the Assistant Dean for Admissions at Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU). His primary responsibility is to shape and form the overarching vision and mission of OSL. Focusing on staff development and leadership training, he works with the strategic partners of the Oaks Fellowship to open doors and create placement opportunities for OSL graduates. He is a graduate of SAGU with a Master of Divinity and is finishing a Master of Business Administration from Washington State University. Email: bbrooks@theoaksonline.org Office Phone: (972)825-4623

Kolby Kissinger

Student Development Director

Kolby Kissinger is the Leadership Development Director for OSL. His main responsibilities include building systems for spiritual development within the program, collaborating with pastors on establishing high-quality internships, overseeing ministry opportunities for students within their internship portfolio and staff development. He holds a Bachelors of Church Ministries degree and two associate degrees in Business and Bible. He has served in multiple departments at the Oaks Fellowship since he was 12 years old.

How has OSL Benefited Students Over the Years?


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Protégé Partners

We want to partner with you! Protégé’s are high level leaders finishing their MOL who have already had 4 years of experience and are looking to have an on ramp to a potential part time or full ministry position.

Over the years, while many are serving in ministry today, more than 30+ OSL Interns have gone directly from the program into full-time ministry. This is greatly helped through referrals from working with our Protégé Partnership with more than 10 churches and a number of AG Leaders in the North Texas area. This is truly one of the greatest benefits of the Oaks Leadership Program.

Learn how to LEAD others. Students receive maximum opportunity to lead varying kinds of ministries through the Protégé Program. Apply to be selected for the Protégé Program, which may also include scholarships through the partnering organization.

What previous SEVEN Student Interns are saying…


If you are interested in applying to be a part of the OSL experience, fill out our application and once it is submitted an admissions counselor will contact you ASAP.

Unsure and need to talk to someone first? Feel free to contact us. You can also download / print our PDF Application if you prefer.